Luisa Spagnoli is a historic Italian company and a leader in the production and
distribution of women’s clothing: it is rooted in manufacturing tradition and the desire
to do things well, typical of the region where the company is headquartered.
It is a mix of creative energy, professional skill and workmanship, personal and family
initiative and the region where Spagnoli was born. It has grown to become a prestigious
brand today in the national landscape of women's clothing featuring high-quality
tailored and knitwear products, the result of the creativity, taste and professionalism of
those working at the company.
The company, based in Perugia, recorded a turnover of 125.5 million euro in 2014, has
820 employees and operates through a direct sales network consisting of 152 shops
located in major Italian cities and 52 single-brand stores around the world.
The company was founded in 1928 from a brilliant idea by Luisa Spagnoli, a modern
woman with great creativity, who created two of the most important companies in
Perugia, pillars of the industrialisation process of the province: Perugina and Luisa